Are the Greens supporters using social media for dirty campaigning?

Cameron Slater has posted a warning via his Whale Oil blog concerning an internet post which is making the rounds on Green supporters Facebook walls. The post which originated on tumblr via this image (click to view) and reads:

The Electoral Commission has stated that this statement is FALSE.  To reiterated there is NO such statement at the Electoral Commission.

Of course this message is illegal. It deliberately sets out to deceive voters and disrupt the fair operation of the electoral process. This aside, as Slater points out it is illegal because it doesn’t carry an authorisation, and it is illegal because it is a false promotion.

Slater argues that this image which is appearing on Greens supporters walls “just goes to show the lengths the left wing will go to distort an election.” Whether this originated from the Greens camp or not these sorts of dirty tactics are appalling and should be dealt with appropriately by the authorities.

Regardless of who you support you should allow others the fair opportunity to make their minds up at the polls. People should not try to deliberately deceive voters in this way, it brings shame on them and casts into doubt the validity of our democracy and voting process.

This post has been reported to the Electoral Commission who are quoted by Slater as being “quite concerned” at this behaviour. it would not be a surprise if someone was prosecuted for this action.

It is important to remember that if you want to vote, you need to do it tomorrow (Saturday), you cannot vote after Saturday. I encourage all of you regardless of your ideology or who you support, to get involved in the electoral process and cast your vote tomorrow.



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