The strangest political debate ever?

Many of you will remember the fiery opening debate between then-Labour Leader Phil Goff and PM John Key. Political debates are an important part of the election process, they are one of the more popular ways that an electorate is given the information that allows them to exercise their political choice.

I’m not really sure what the debate below,  a shortened version of a 2009 Mayoral debate in Memphis, provides the people of Memphis in terms of allowing them to exercise their political choice… From what I can tell, all this clip reveals is that the people of Memphis are more or less screwed and that politics has a way of unearthing all manner of crazies.

That aside, it’s wildly entertaining and completely surreal. Enjoy… According to YouTube “It’s a Memphis thang and the rest of you just don’t understand…”

p.s. I need to thank Alicia Gates for uncovering this little gem.


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