Game Changers: music that defined a decade – Introduction

After recently browsing a local record store I came across a list which sought to offer shoppers a checklist of 101 albums that should be the building blocks of a ‘serious’ music collection.

Music, like any other strand of the arts, is hard to analyse. The creation and dissemination of music is an intensely personal experience, and taste is most definitely subjective (how else could you explain that Crazy Frog song being #1 for so long). The author of that 101 albums story peppered his checklist with personal favourites while still attempting to maintain the allusion of objectivity.

I’m not that foolish. My attempt at covering music will be completely subjective and full of my favourites and I won’t attempt to hide that fact. Keeping this in mind I will still attempt to look at the albums which shaped the music of that decade.

I have a fairly broad music taste, but obviously I am under no pretenses that alone I would be able to faithfully undertake this task. Instead I will lean heavily on the advice of the various music music zealots that I am fortunate enough to know.

I hope that the albums and songs that I will compile will have some sort of an impact on you. I don’t care if you love or hate my choices, know of a better song or album that I forgot to include, or agree with me completely. I’ll be happy if my list gets you checking out a new band or album, makes you revisit a song you haven’t heard in ages or even gets you listening to a cd which you previously wrote-off.

Here’s an example of a few songs that probably won’t be making my list:


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