Before I start to rant and ramble, I think I might as well introduce the scope of this blog, plainly put what this blog is about. This blog deals less in facts, news or events and more in opinions. What’s the scope you ask? How does anything sound? Anything that enters my weird and wonderful noggin, any set of in-cohesive thought patterns and passing trains of thought that I can manage to recollect for 15 – 30 minutes in front of a keyboard.

What’s been on my mind most recently is the idea of nostalgia defined as “A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past.” Either this can be nostalgia for things in your own past (when cartoons were good) or for an earlier time in human history (when music was good). Unfortunately this comes with a sort of a filter, a filter that (a) prevents you from seeing the bad in the time period the feeling of nostalgia is directed at and (b) an inability to appreciate the things that are good in your own time period.

Lets use the 60s for an example, a time period that is particularly desired, as a fan of The Beatles and Bob Dylan I can see why, this coupled with the availability of free lovin’ that doesn’t turn your genitals a funny colour. But no one talks about the bad things about the 60s, living in fear of nuclear war, casual racism and describing your friends as ‘pals’ un-ironically.

This generation, the generation I have dubbed the ‘pop culture’ generation feels most nostalgia for retro video games, old cartoons and old movies, heck it’s this nostalgia that have made people like James Rolfe and Doug Walker superstars on the internet. I can get in on this nostalgia as well, I still hum a few bars of Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog every now and then to remind me of old times, or watch past favourite movies like Hook or The Labyrinth or Land Before Time.

But remember folks, just because Miley Cyrus’s latest actions have made you lose faith in the music industry and One Direction is bringing a resurgence in boy bands, doesn’t mean you should give up on this wonderful decade entirely.


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