Soapbox NZ: A Year In Review And A Look Ahead

A Year in Review

First things first, I apologise for the long absence in posts on this blog. The reason for this is two-fold.

Firstly, 2012 & 2013 saw me enter a new and exciting phase of my life.

Professionally, I moved into working in the PR sector. This has seen me brush up against deadlines and write vast amounts of copy for a whole range of people. While I’ve loved every minute of this career change, it has meant that I’ve had to focus on my professional writing at the expense of blogging.

Fortunately, I’ve become a lot better at time management and have been able to carve out time each week for a blog post or two.

Secondly, my interests have morphed somewhat.

The 2011 New Zealand election played a big factor in Soapbox NZ gaining the 5000+ views in 2011 that it did (Thanks so much for making that happen guys!), and this was driven by-in-large by my interest in, and knowledge of, the political process. 2012 did give us the US Election (which I was fortunate enough to play a small role in covering through the US Consulate), but most of my commentary over that period and the early stages of 2013 has been on technology, social media, and PR.

Luckily for anyone who is a fan of my political punditry – I’m back. 2013 has seen a new Labour leader elected (I’ll be posting on that soon), and an election looming in 2014.

As such, I’ll be dissecting every angle with the same level of thoroughness and complexity – however, this time round I promise that there’ll be a hell of a lot more venom.

2013 has seen big changes for the Labour Party.

2013 has seen big changes for the Labour Party.

Going Forward

With a blog of this nature it’s better to surround yourself with people who hold unique and interesting opinions rather than just go it alone. 2013 has seen a complete overhaul of Soapbox – not just in aesthetics, but also in focus, content, and contributors.

I’m pleased to be able to welcome three new voices to the Soapbox NZ team:

Fraser Nicholas; a public servant and Masters candidate who blogs on topics as diverse as politics, charity, culture, energy, and technology.

‘Refreshingly Cynical’; a long-time friend and collaborator of mine who offers a unique perspective on a wide variety of topics including: popular culture, politics, music, movies, and the oddities and quirks of everyday life. His writing is infused with humour and insight and I’m very much looking forward to his contribution.

‘The Devils Advocates’; this is something new for Soapbox – something that I’m very excited about. The Devils Advocates is the moniker that Oliver Smith and myself operate under. However, what is truly exciting about this is that through ‘TDA’ we will be exploring a variety of media including Video Blogs, Recorded Debates, Skits, Songs, Speeches, and Head-to-Head blogs.

2013 has also seen Soapbox clock up its 10,000th viewer. We hope that going forward, the next 10,000 will be exposed to even more diverse, insightful, and engaging content through this site.




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