Agony Steve – In Da Club

Dear Steve

For 5 months I’ve been dating my best friend. We’ve been friends since kids. Sometimes I feel like we don’t see eye to eye. A problem we have been having lately is that he likes to go to nightclubs. He is going to a friends birthday at a club this weekend. When he asked me if I was OK with it I told him that he could go but I don’t feel comfortable about it. We constantly have the same conversation, every time I tell him that I don’t like when he goes, because something could happen with him and someone else.

I do trust him, I just don’t trust other people (girls) and whenever he goes out I worry until he gets home, I even have trouble sleeping sometimes. If it was the reverse and I wanted to go to a club alone he would feel the same way and tell me not to go, he tells me so, which I feel is a little hypocritical.

He says that it’s not the same, and that guys will always hit on me, but girls won’t hit on him, and i should be OK with him going out. He doesn’t understand the way I feel, how can I make him understand?

Yours sincerely

Worried Lady


Dear Worried Lady

Who are you and how did you get this address?!? Is this some sort of practical joke? I told those magazine people no! My lawyer will be hearing of this!

In fact young lady as you so want my opinion on this matter, then that is what you shall get! However you may not like what you hear!

First off it seems like you are made for each other and should feel lucky to have each other. I do not mean this as a compliment to your relationship, I mean that you two should stick together, and be thankful that anyone would have you at all. You said that you are worried about your boyfriend being hit on and your boyfriend feeling the same about you. I wouldn’t worry, from what I’ve read about you both in this letter, If I was the respective opposite gender I would not hit on either of you! I’m sure that goes for the rest of the human race!

Can you just not go to the nightclub with him? And if not can’t you find yourself your own activity or hobby to do to save you from worry, are you completely bereft of friends? (I would not be surprised)

In short, get a life! And never write to this address again or I will call the police!

Yours begrudgingly

(Just) Steve


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